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We run a production studio based upon ingenuity, hard work, and friendship. Watch our ups and downs as professional creators!


19:11Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great Cartoons 3
5:00NODE is BACK!
NODE is BACK!Ogledi 311 tis.Pred dnevom
4:15Join Us!
Join Us!Ogledi 315 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
22:32How to Master ANY Camera - Functional Filmmaking
8:08VFX Artists React to the Moon Landing
VFX Artists React to the Moon LandingOgledi 964 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
17:29We Put a Camera on a Falcon!
We Put a Camera on a Falcon!Ogledi 648 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
18:17VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 41
25:59BEEPLE EXPLAINS: What is an NFT ?
BEEPLE EXPLAINS: What is an NFT ?Ogledi 474 tis.Pred 28 dnevi
16:52Why I Left my Dream Job
Why I Left my Dream JobOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred mesecem
19:39I Made a NEW Super Smash Bros in ONE WEEK!
15:35VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 40
21:06Using VFX to become Handsome Squidward
Using VFX to become Handsome SquidwardOgledi 932 tis.Pred mesecem
23:21We Made Harry Potter R-Rated
We Made Harry Potter R-RatedOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred mesecem
16:57We Try Using VFX to Attract Women
We Try Using VFX to Attract WomenOgledi 689 tis.Pred 2 meseci
9:38VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL Physics
20:44We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker
We Made a Better CGi Luke SkywalkerOgledi 3,8 mio.Pred 2 meseci


  • I love jakes concern for the taxpayers

  • Tokyo ghoul can be fun

  • Animation team Ufotable has the best animation of all studios IMO

  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventures part 1 to 5

  • 10:12

  • Korra, the first Mary Sue

  • 1:39 That smooth cut from Notch's face to Sam's that shows their concerning similarity is just👌

  • sword of the stranger action scenes are wonderful, i hope it gets featured

  • 0:09 man the animation for korra was soo good. Too bad the show was a fucking dumpster fire

  • - Niko is the fakin Man! - Fo shizzle ma nizzle

  • You gotta do Violet Evergarden! That show is so breathtaking and beautiful.. especially the scene where Violet walks across the lake!!!

  • My favorite recommendation if you like something more modern Psyco Pass is a good choice. It’s a futuristic city world with a system that works for peace and safety is starting to show cracks. It’s supposed to be for the greater good of their nation but is it fair? The protagonist explores the origin and as she gets better at doing her investigator job there is a conflict of morals. One of the best anime IMO.

  • Eskrima, more popularly known in the Philippines as Arnis.

  • Who else thinks Doro Hedoro is rad?

  • I love u guys so much, this has been a hell of a journey ❤️

  • demon slayer and jujutsu kaisen

  • 4:49 You: pfffft Particles: zeeeewm

  • If I would recommend something, it would definitely be Demon Slayer

  • Best Anime Is GINTAMA!!!!!! YOROZUYA FOREVER!!!!!

  • Nichijou is one of my favorites, absolutely hilarious. Currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time right now and loving it so far 😊

  • Wonder egg priority, one of the best anime I have ever watched, not as famous as the mainstream anime, but you HAVE to watch it, Wren annnddd everyone else reading this comment. The animations are also crazy good

  • If you are new new to Anime and you want a good story about a debate of human morals with short episodes of 37 try Death Note.

  • Best Anime Ergo Proxy Neon Genesis Evangelion Texhnolyze DeathNote Howl's Moving Castle

  • React to doomsday creation in batman v superman pls

  • Please react on "love, death + robots"

  • One Punch Man

  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, best anime.

  • Initial D then and now comparison

  • Kill la kill

  • Guys!!! I won Sam's artwork! I'm so fucking excited to own a tiny slice of internet history. I grew up watching these guys. It's a really good day rn.

  • this is the best channel on SLcd

  • Attcack on Titan or Initial D i want see your reactions to 90s animations

  • Check out Dragonball Super’s final fight between Goku, Freeza, Android 17, and Jiren. Episodes 129-131


  • I only noticed these flaws when I bought 4K. It’s still my favourite films of all times

  • Clint now lives at the studio.

  • I've been trying to buy Vessi shoes every time you bring it up. Can you tell them to get charcoal or ocean blue cityscape size 12 in stock?

  • React to Saitama vs Boros fight, there’s a bunch of important animation styles in it

  • I cannot for the life of me figure out why you would be writing and directing a show in English in U.S. but then outsource all of the animation production to Korea. That seems like your just creating a lot unnecessary problems due to splitting production across two continents.

  • Wren... your hair bro.... so fluffy and moveable... lol. Love you guys . It's weird from the people that do understand fx compared to the people that don't thats trying to figure it out. Much respect... how much more can people break it down. I want a serious of marvel films... "yes so cliche" it's this generation guys. Break the new guys in. Go practical and break those down. Raw head rex, a few nightmare films... especially the new nightmare cause they used practical and cgi. Friday the 13th? New one in 2009 or 10.... film fx arent the way they use to be. Btw... I'm a huge robocop fan. Compare the old with the new. Government back then compared to 2014 version let's see it it guys

  • Initial D is the only good anime anything else sucks lol

  • Definitely check out Ssss Gridman/ Dynazenon

  • Ok, but when do we get Sam's Let's Play of Marathon??

  • Just here to see the jojo fans

  • Glad to hear reactions are deservingly coming to *_Redline_* and *_Love, Death, and Robots_* . I animate and I consider *_FLCL_* to be one of the cleanest anime series to ever exist. *_Cowboy Bebop_* has amazing story telling and is also one of my favorites, but if you don't watch *_FLCL_* you're missing out on a lot of fun.

  • Naruto

  • You guys wanna go anime? Check out ninja scrolls and bubblegum effect... "dropped the mic"

  • AoT is overrated 😪

  • I dont know about best. But one of my favorites was yu yu hakisho.

  • The amount of people NOT calling it a Wrender is a huge crime.

  • I mainly liked the airsoft type videos, and game simulations. I got a playlist of just those.

  • #CorridorCrew please do reactions video of a youtuber name #JalexRosa he has amazing animated recreate to live. U guy Goni got to like his works.

  • Attack on titan. Evangelion. Initial D.

  • Please break down some of the fights from Naruto: Shippuden, especially ones from the final season that bring together some great animation, choreography, AND emotion that has built up over so many seasons. Some examples would be Kakashi vs Obito, Minato vs Tobi, and others. Also (although not from the final season) the Jiraiya vs Pain fight is one of the best, and also one of the most heartbreaking fights but so well done. Please consider these!

  • Initial D

  • Best anime gotta be parasyte the maxim. its on netflix and its only 1 season so its an easy watch i highly suggest you all do so.

  • the camera work and cg is great the character sucks ass though

  • whoops I forgot to like and comment <3 Legit animators react is my new favorite segment I beg of you moar!

  • ROGER RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do the scene where the room of requirement burns in movie 7 part 2

  • Dears i watched serial z nations s1s7bar 37m i saw Sam. Who whatched it? Maybe Joke but similar.

  • Thank you for talking about Avatar

  • Watch Hunter x Hunter Gon vs Hisoka At Heaven's Arena

  • Anyone else thinking that M. Hamill looks CGIsh in the original trilogy takes?

  • 5:18 Here is the deal Hayao Miyazaki was right. The word "Anime" is a Fucken Mistake! It's all Animation at the end of the day.

  • That Daft Punk Anime movie is rad, good example of music working with animation. I apologize for not being able to remember the name!

  • Check out BNHA (My Hero Academia) fight scene between Deku and Overhaul (ep 76.)

  • Could you guys do mirror mask? I feel like no one remembers that movie

  • This is one of the best corridor crew videos of all time in my opinion. I love to see how proud of your work you guys are. Keep these render videos coming PLEASE!

  • Not anime but I’d love someone’s perspective on Genndy Tartakovsky, Samurai Jack, Primal, etc.

  • I like SoA. 😀

  • *why I left corridor* *lets call clint for almost every episode*

  • Dragon ball z

  • Dragonball/Z/Super

  • I got A quick anime for you to watch. Should be able to knock it out in a day or two. Its called Naruto, its really good.

  • More Clint in his mo-cap suit!!!

  • Never let Clint go :'(

  • Am I aloud to see a eye popping im8

  • If you're gonna talk about Anime, talk about "The Fog Hill Of Five Elements".

  • A SCENE TO CHECK OUT: Demon Slayer Ep. 19. You'll know. It's a scene that keeps on giving.